Friday, June 26, 2009

My New Hobby

I have a fun new hobby--- Cake Decorating!

I made this one for Steve on his February birthday. It is chocolate cake covered with home made marshmallow fondant. The candies are cake balls made of cake mixed with melted store-bought frosting, formed by hand, then dipped in light cocoa candy melts, drizzled with thin icing, then placed in mini-cupcake cups.

Unfortunately, by this time we had been having practice cakes A LOT! He asked for a pie instead. I gave this cake away.

This one was for my daughter Laura's
baby shower. I think they were chocolate
and vanilla cakes, and were covered in fondant.

The wacky 'fence' was made of chocolate.

These three were for my Grammeo's 96th
birthday party in January.

This was chocolate, with chocolate buttercream

The pink package cake was vanilla with
chocolate buttercream filling.

The red bow cake
was vanilla with
raspberry buttercream filling.

And nary a crumb was left.



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