Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some pictures just have to be shared!

Peek-a-boo, Hannah!


Father and Son, 29 years apart. I made the yellow costume for Andrew in 1979 from a robe found at a thrift store. (We were poor, but too happy to notice)

Christmas in Missouri 2007

Katie, Jason and Ellie spent the weekend with us, we had a pleasant Christmas morning together.

Having a UMR Engineer for a son-in-law is so handy! Jason even resorted to reading the directions to put together Ellie's new wheels from Granny and Papi.

Ellie was so impatient to get on her new trike, her Daddy had to wait until she was distracted by breakfast to finish the job.

Ellie was our present deliverer. Most of them were given to Granny (whom she loves the most), who then had to get them to the correct recipient.

Here, she gives Daddy the final piece of his coordinated ensemble...

wait for it...

Jason the Deerslayer!

Ellie stayed on the far side of the room.

Christmas in Phoenix 2007

The lack of snow certainly didn't dampen the spirits of our Arizona family. Ian and Hannah were happy little elves when we visited them in early December.

Hannah makes a beautiful Christmas present, don't you think?

Ian LOVED his new bicycle! He and Papi traversed the entire neighborhood more than once. Papi was hard-pressed to keep up!

Hannah got worn out just thinking about it!