Monday, June 29, 2009

Blessed Babies

On Sunday, June 28th, we
were in Columbia for the
blessing of Max and Ella Grace.

The weather had been
ridiculously hot last week,
in the high 90's. Saturday
night we had a cold front
pass through, and Sunday
was golden! Low humidity,
high in the low 80's, just perfect.

Good thing, too. There were
about 40 people throughout
the day, dropping in for food
and fellowship.

Lynn and Clyde brought a
tent/pavilion, so many stayed
outside, and the kids played
in the big backyard.

Ella's gown was a Hesemann
family heirloom. Her great-
grandpa Ritterbush was
christened in it, as were
several cousins.

Doesn't she look beautiful
in her special dress?!

Her great-uncle Dale, and
cousin Edward blessed the

Ella was content during
the actual blessing.

By the time we
got home, she
was hungry and
tired, and let
everyone know it!

Max, handsome in his
blessing whites, was
his usual sunny self.
During his blessing, he
looked up at each man
in the circle, smiling and
trying to make eye
While Ella was having
a meltdown, Max just
watched her, as if to say,
"Chill, baby girl. It's
all good."


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