Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Parenting done right!

These two are working on a 10 hour value project for personal progress (program through church). They decided to do one together. They are taking dinner responsibilities for 2 weeks. It involves meal planning, cooking and clean up. Tonight was day 2 but was another success. They picked breakfast for dinner from the Pioneer Woman... French toast with homemade berry butter.
This kind of parenting is happening all over the world, and more needs to happen, as evidenced by recent news events.
Thankful for deliberate parents!
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Monday, November 02, 2009

................... SUPER HANNAH!

Super Hannah!                                              
Defender of the defenseless.

....................Optimus Prime!

       Ian IS Optimus Prime!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ellie loves making Max laugh.

Remember when you could do this?

Me neither.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009


On August 22, we celebrated our 35th high school reunion.

Here are 5 of our old sextet (consistent "I" ratings at contest...ahem),
Kathy Reeves, Joan Gordon, Rhonda Pruitt, Cathy Rowe, Jane Gordon.

Pam Burcham, you missed a FUN evening.

I'm up higher because I'm only about shoulder height when we all stand together, and, you know, enough is enough!



We celebrated Ellie's 3rd birthday on Saturday at
MONKEY JOE'S in O'Fallon.

I made her a princess castle cake.

A party can never
have too many

...or too much cake...

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Morton's neuroma-----GONE!
A few days with my foot iced and elevated, I'll be as good as new.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Phoenix July 2009


No sane person would go to Phoenix in the summer without a darn good reason.

I have 4.
Andrew, Traci, Ian and Hannah.

They asked for cousin Ellie, who was my shadow the entire time. Really.

I'm not sure why these goggles were bathtub toys and not out by the pool, but the girls enjoyed them just the same.

We swam every morning between 8 and 9 am. Ellie wanted to swim again that afternoon, but it was too hot for that tender skin to be out, so I told her, "How about if we swim AT NIGHT! WHEN IT'S DARK!!"

Her eyes got big, and she said, "That would be WONDERFUL!"

Ian was always cautious, and stayed right around the edge where he could grasp the side if need be. Earlier in the season he had an accidental dunk.

Diego and Kai-Lan were the guests at Ian and Hannah's family birthday party on Monday night. Sweet!

Hannah was helpful while I baked. She spread the paper plates out-----aaaaaaalllllllll across the counter.

Ellie helped lick the beaters.

Ian turned 4,
Hannah turned 2.

Although Ian wanted Ellie there, sometimes the girls were very loud. He plays well by himself, and at one point went into his room and locked the door for some alone time.
He came out later covered with stamped tattoos.
Wish I had taken a picture.
Papi and I both had a fun time
'fwimming' the girls.
Hannah had a cold, so she spent
a lot of the time out on the pool
apron with a watering can, watering
inanimate objects. Like me.

I'm not sure why, but Ellie wanted me
to get this picture of her wet hair.

Oops! She tried to blow into
the water with her lips,
dunked her nose.

On Saturday was the BIG party at the
Bounce Jungle.
Ian and Hannah and
1,000 of their closest
preschool friends,
with their families,

Both Mommy and Daddy
enjoyed the slides with
the kids!

Traci always throws
an incredible party!
I couldn't aske for a
more terrific daughter-in-law!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


If any of you are apron lovers like me, you'll want to check out the giveaway at notquitejunecleaver.com. For some girls it's shoes, for me it's APRONS!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Blessed Babies

On Sunday, June 28th, we
were in Columbia for the
blessing of Max and Ella Grace.

The weather had been
ridiculously hot last week,
in the high 90's. Saturday
night we had a cold front
pass through, and Sunday
was golden! Low humidity,
high in the low 80's, just perfect.

Good thing, too. There were
about 40 people throughout
the day, dropping in for food
and fellowship.

Lynn and Clyde brought a
tent/pavilion, so many stayed
outside, and the kids played
in the big backyard.

Ella's gown was a Hesemann
family heirloom. Her great-
grandpa Ritterbush was
christened in it, as were
several cousins.

Doesn't she look beautiful
in her special dress?!

Her great-uncle Dale, and
cousin Edward blessed the

Ella was content during
the actual blessing.

By the time we
got home, she
was hungry and
tired, and let
everyone know it!

Max, handsome in his
blessing whites, was
his usual sunny self.
During his blessing, he
looked up at each man
in the circle, smiling and
trying to make eye
While Ella was having
a meltdown, Max just
watched her, as if to say,
"Chill, baby girl. It's
all good."


Friday, June 26, 2009

My New Hobby

I have a fun new hobby--- Cake Decorating!

I made this one for Steve on his February birthday. It is chocolate cake covered with home made marshmallow fondant. The candies are cake balls made of cake mixed with melted store-bought frosting, formed by hand, then dipped in light cocoa candy melts, drizzled with thin icing, then placed in mini-cupcake cups.

Unfortunately, by this time we had been having practice cakes A LOT! He asked for a pie instead. I gave this cake away.

This one was for my daughter Laura's
baby shower. I think they were chocolate
and vanilla cakes, and were covered in fondant.

The wacky 'fence' was made of chocolate.

These three were for my Grammeo's 96th
birthday party in January.

This was chocolate, with chocolate buttercream

The pink package cake was vanilla with
chocolate buttercream filling.

The red bow cake
was vanilla with
raspberry buttercream filling.

And nary a crumb was left.



Thursday, June 11, 2009


So this is why Ella eats every two hours--she wants to catch up to Max!

Ella Grace-----or Ella Grande?

Her pose is classic. She's copying Michael Flatley in Lord of the Dance!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


When my children were small, our picture-taking was done on film that had to be sent away in the mail to be developed! (gasp! the dark ages!)

Or, we had them professionally done at WalMart. (snort!)

So, these old pix of my babies are not always perfectly reflective of their actual beauty, but are good for comparisons with their own beautiful offspring.

I've spent lots of time with Ella Grace, and can see her Mommy in her (but mostly her Daddy).

Ian has his Daddy's bright-eyed smile, inquisitiveness, love of music, and empathy.

Ellie has her Mommy's...ummm....

...coloring. And snuggle-ability. And take-charge attitude.


Monday, June 01, 2009


I found this wonderful playhouse
on craigslist for 1/4 the price of
a new one! WooHoo!

I always wanted a playhouse when I was little. Now my grandbabies have a fun place to play outside when they come to visit.

As you can see from both photos, Ellie insisted that the proper pose was with one foot up behind.

She wanted to take a picture of me with that pose inside the playhouse. I had to explain that I would fall over if I tried. She said, in her best encouraging voice, "Yes, Gran. You can DO it!"

I couldn't.